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How to Choose the Right Dissertation Topics in Political Science

Overwhelmed by the choices there are with PhD thesis topics in political science? It's not surprising. After all, you're about to undertake the biggest and most important writing project of your entire education. There's no shortage of topics, that's never a problem. It's finding one that you can work with and write with enthusiasm that takes up all the time.

Neither a thesis nor a dissertation is an educational option. And any student who hopes to graduate with a political science major has to complete their senior assignment. It has to be consistent throughout and hold the grader's attention. It makes a logical read, from the introduction through to its conclusion.

Updated Political Science Dissertation Topics Lists

If you're exploring political science thesis topics and ideas for your dissertation, keep reading. makes that process much easier for students around the world.

Here's a small sample on the kind of topics we have to offer:

  • The rise of independent voters and implications
  • Broken public policies and the roles of current administration
  • Deinstitutionalization: review on replacing rural long-stay psychiatric hospitals
  • The study of race and ethnicity in modern politics
  • New political developments and worldwide modernization—problems and solutions
  • The growing rise of youth socialism (developed nations)
  • Other, less conventional dissertation topics in political science

For those more offbeat type topics, we've got plenty of those too.

  • Current legal issues concerning climate change
  • Problems and solutions for improving relations with other countries
  • Women’s rights are human rights, challengers of the twenty-first century
  • How to address the child soldier problem in deepest Africa
  • The spiraling debt crisis and economic challenges of our time

The Problem with Dissertation Topics

If you're stuck for PhD thesis in political science, it's not because there's a shortage of things to write about. Quite the contrary, there's so much choice out there it can be overwhelming. And coming up with your own ideas is simple enough in theory, but the practice is never so easy. The main problem comes from overthinking, or perhaps 'majoring in minor things', is a more apt assumption.

We break our extensive lists down into simple categories so it's easy to browse. Once you have a shortlist of political science thesis topics you'll experience a huge burden lifted from your shoulders. Getting off the starting block is half the battle. Those who exploit our lists and suggestions find that they help to stimulate the mind and get creative juices flowing.

We're, your quality higher education student resource online. If you need some initial assistance with your PhD dissertation planning, writing, editing or proofreading, we can help. Whether you're running short of time or just want a helping hand to get started, you can rely on us.

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