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A Dissertation Introduction Can Make or Break the Paper

If you ask many skilled academic writers and professors how to write a good introduction for a dissertation, they will often recommend saving the writing and preparation of the introduction for last. This is because of the uncertainty that can exist until the paper is fully completed. That’s when you know, for sure, what exactly it is that you’re introducing to the reader, and how to word it concisely. If you’re unsure of what to include in the introduction of a dissertation, you’re not alone – many students have found themselves experiencing a case of writer’s block when it comes to this part of the project. We suggest the following key points:

  • Create a summary of by jotting down notes that touch on core issues from each of the chapters.
  • Simplify these notes into a cohesive statement, as if you were drafting a short elevator pitch for the reader.
  • Focus on expanding the material summarised in the abstract
  • Give the reader some clear indication of what they can expect throughout the remainder of the .

How Long Should a Dissertation Introduction Be and Where Should It Be Placed?

Writing the introduction of a dissertation is a lot like introducing yourself to a stranger – your window of opportunity to capture the audience’s attention with the fewest words is precious, so you must use succinct language (straightforward and easy to understand wording) while explaining yourself. In the case of an academic paper, you’re explaining your thesis or central argument, and how you arrived at it based upon the research journey you undertook. As such, it’s usually a good idea to place this introduction immediately after the table of contents, but before the “Literature Review.”

Confused About Your Chapter 1 Dissertation Outline and Need Help Getting Started?

The best approach is to hire to have professional writers piece together a sample dissertation introduction chapter for you, based on the instructions you provide. If need be, your entire paper can be drafted for you to your specifications, meeting any due dates you have. This is the way numerous successful students have received the help they need within their required timeframes. With the dissertation chapter 1 outline we draft for you, the project will come together brilliantly, and the result will be a satisfied instructor and top marks on your assignment. Contact us now to get started right away.