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Best Findings and Discussion Dissertation Chapter Help Tips

When it comes to drafting a college dissertation, the “Results/Findings” and “Discussion” chapter(s) can be considered the point at which the rubber really meets the road. These are usually the more humbled portions of the paper, in contrast to the thesis statement, literature review, or abstract, where you make bold claims and arguments while proposing methods of approach. The writers at will help you determine the preferred style of reporting for your specific field. For example, a findings section of a dissertation typically accompanies fields such as social science, where it serves to pair the discussion and the results into a collective view. With a scientific dissertation, a discussion section of dissertation will be clearly separated from the results being discussed. Learn more about these distinctions by letting us write your paper for you, and reviewing the finished work.

Dissertation Findings Chapter Components Should Include:

  • A brief results recap, discussed in detail, making some connections to your thesis statement or abstract.
  • Literature Review and Methodology reiteration within the chapters can be very powerful.
  • Explain why you chose that topic, and discuss how the results have influenced your stance.

Knowing how to write discussion in dissertation sections is an important skill, and the findings should connect the dots between the results and your thesis in a conversational way. Ask our professional academic writers for assistance.

Dissertation Results and Discussions Chapter Components Should Include:

  • Relevant findings in a format that is descriptive (in the event of a case study or qualitative study).
  • A description of the results in addition to all the figures (when tackling a quantitative study only).
  • Different sections, with the research question split into sub questions (based on the Results and Literature Review) that are answered later in conjunction with the entire research question (seek assistance from our team if you need your paper written for you).

If the preferred style of reporting for your chosen field denotes that the Results and Discussion sections are separate, follow the format above.

How to Write the Discussion Section of a Dissertation When Time Is Limited

No matter how pressed you are for time, always make sure to answer the research question. If you haven’t crafted your question or thesis yet, or are completely unsure of how to write findings in a dissertation at all, we offer fast and affordable writing services that will meet your deadlines.