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Dissertation Abstracts Best Practices from College Writers

Often one of the shortest pieces of writing included in a dissertation, the abstract can, in many ways, be equal in importance to the remainder of the work. In the event that your thesis is registered in a database, it’s very likely that your abstract will become, and be considered, an entire work in its own right. Because of this, writing a good abstract for dissertation is an essential part of the academic process, and has the potential to significantly alter the perception of your work in the eyes of examiners.

How Dissertation Abstracts Impact the Thesis

Much in the same way that you’ve had to explain your research to those who are unfamiliar with the territory, an abstract is a succinct summary of your work, designed to provide the most useful and pertinent information in the shortest amount of words. Brevity is key, and keeping the word count to a minimum is important, especially if a limit has been imposed. When crafting the abstract, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Include all the relevant information, as this document may stand alone from the rest of your work if it is published.
  • A should explain why you did what you did, how you approached it, what the results were, and list any possible implications.
  • Use concise wording that is devoid of fluff and filler – abstracts are typically less than a page in length, so making the most of space is critical.
  • Hire a professional writer, such as those from, to review your and craft your abstract for you – this is the smartest approach.
  • Look for examples of how others have handled it, taking inspiration from the structure and wording of their abstracts.
  • Think of your thesis statement as a brief title or link to a page – the abstract is the additional information that expands upon that statement, leading the reader to check out the rest of the work.

When Should I Begin Writing the Abstract for My Dissertation?

Some suggest writing it last, once you’re sure of exactly what you’re summarizing. Others suggest writing it first, giving yourself a structural guideline to follow. No matter where you attend college, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll have to write dissertation abstracts. International students turn to us for assistance because we have the best writers in the world who know how to write a good abstract for a dissertation.